Submarine Minefield Battle

⛔️ Underwater danger zone! ⛔️
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Performed by RYAN INNES
Courtesy of Position Music
Written by ARLO LAKE
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect

    Thanks for watching guys!! 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️

  2. TimeBucks


    their production value is insane

  3. Rizon


    Man it’s been amazing watch DP grow and evolve over these years. This is amazing

  4. Austin Farrier

    Austin Farrier

    Everyone's intro: Discussing advantages and disadvantages.

  5. YouTube


    Yet another epic race! Also, need an underwater scooter ASAP 👀

  6. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis

    Cory is pretty consistent. He usually comes last and rarely advances, however, when he does advance he wins most of the time.

  7. Каждый подписчик важен.

    Каждый подписчик важен.

    Спасибо классное видео

  8. A Glimpse Inside

    A Glimpse Inside

    Dude perfect should open up an amusement park! I’d Go!!!

  9. 33-Harshvardhan Singh

    33-Harshvardhan Singh

    Dude these battles are getting creative.I mean underwater battle crazy dudes..KEEP GRINDING

  10. 8roke You7u6er5

    8roke You7u6er5

    Between never getting picked for Wheel Unfortunate and winning almost every single battle, 2021 seems to be Year of the Cody.

  11. Vasquez family

    Vasquez family

    I’m glad they’re still doing battles,there’s been a surplus of overtime videos. Nothing wrong with it, but would like to see more trick shots, face offs, and battles as well

  12. FarmerJoe


    I feel like I just watch the battles to find out if Coby wins or not.

  13. RufflesOfficial


    Who else hoped Team Coby would have won 😂

  14. Treyden


    Really excited for this one being a swimmer it’s always fun to watch this stuff love you guys, thanks for making my day better

  15. RealSanity


    Anybody can recall when they did the water bottle flipping challenge, those were pretty awesome, time sure flies! :D

  16. Murtaza Patel

    Murtaza Patel

    Everyone bragging, Coby: I've never eaten a hotdog at 9AM 😂

  17. Yahya Abdillah

    Yahya Abdillah

    Been watching this channel since I was 15. and I'm still loving it. Crazy to think here we are and how much the channel grew and stuff.

  18. Nerdboy06


    Everyone else: (talks about strategy and worries)

  19. Zach Keyes

    Zach Keyes

    I watch yalls videos on break in the middle of the night and they help me get through the second half of the night. Appreciate it fellas

  20. Hammad W

    Hammad W

    Imagine losing a battle because of mustard.